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*Service Area currently limited to residents in Denver. If you’re outside this area, we’ll put you on our waitlist!

Membership Checklist

1. Member must have accessible front door/drop-off area for collection.

Let us know if we need to contact your building manager (click “Yes” option on the Sign Up form) in order to obtain permission to leave your pail out on the morning of your once-weekly collection day. Note that pails are food-grade, durable, and come with a sealing lid to control any odors. Our collection times vary, but please have your pail out by 8am to ensure collection.

2. Member must agree to keep all contaminants out of the bucket.
  • **This program is only for collection of materials appropriate for a smaller-scale compost process: “organic” materials (things that were once living) that are non-toxic and no meat, bones, dairy, or animal waste.**
  • Minor residues, as well as eggshells, pet hair, etc. is just fine… We’ll help you get the hang of it by providing a detailed list of acceptable materials and answering any additional questions you may have. Also, we’ll notify you if we find any contamination in your pail so it can be prevented in the future.
3. Member must have an acceptable credit card for the recurring monthly fee*.

Note: Our collection program is intended for everybody in our Service Area, regardless of income level. Those who are experiencing financial hardship can connect with us to set up an equitable arrangement (about 10% of our members are on a reduced-price membership). If you’re not in a financial hardship and have a little extra you can offer – please also let us know – we can include your additional contribution on your monthly invoice, which helps us keep our program open to all.

Terms of Service
      • Pails are collected once a week, at a regularly scheduled day, and specifically designated, accessible location (next to your front door, for example). Note that weather and road conditions may affect the collections process.Collection days that occur on federal holidays will take place the following business day.
      • Materials are processed at a nearby community farm/garden into finished compost (primarily) for use in growing more food for your local community — therefore, by signing up for collection services, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to keep the materials you put out for collection absolutely free of contaminants. This means only materials appropriate for a backyard compost pile and certainly no toxic/dangerous substances of any kind. Informational materials are made available to customers at no additional charge and help to ensure the success of this collection program. We’ll provide you with your info materials along with your compost pail within a day or two of signing up.
      • Your payment will be charged on a monthly, recurring basis (starting when you submit your emailed invoice) unless you decide to cancel your membership. You can cancel either by email or via our website’s “Contact Us” section. You can also pause or change your membership at any time – please just give us at least one day’s notice in advance.
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