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Denver Compost Collective provides a weekly compost collection service for apartment dwellers, but there’s a whole lot more going on just under the surface!

It’s all about supporting our community. Once we’ve collected your “waste”, rather than trucking it away — it’s kept right here in town where we hand process it into a top-quality, nutrient-rich, finished compost. Our community farm partners regularly receive our compost and add it to their soils, which supports the soil greatly: improving its structure, adding fertility for crops, retaining water, and reintroducing critically important microbes back into the earth. This supports the farm’s efforts to grow healthy, natural food for our communities right here in Denver.

It’s a positive feed-back loop! Our compost collection program members’ weekly contributions enable Denver Compost Collective and its farm partners to feed the soil and grow more healthy food, while healing our ecosystems, while paying workers a good wage, while supporting community empowerment, while “starving” the big corporations that profit from landfilling our organic materials… all while we’re collectively minimizing climate-changing pollution at the radically local, “down to earth” level.

Join us today and be a part of the magic!

#StarveTheLandfill   #FeedTheSoil   #SupportCommunityFarms 


Our Collective Staff

Shawn Hendrickson, Worker Owner

I’ve never been ok with “the system” as-is: the social, ecological and economic outcomes we seem stuck in by default. Is there a better way? And how on Earth would we get there from here? It has taken many years of exploration, re-thinking, urgency (anxiety) and labor to turn that sense of resistance into a productive, regenerative direction. It turns out it was right there in the dirt under my feet.

I’ve been engaged in composting efforts here in Denver since 2010, initially getting certified as a Master Composter (through D.U.G,) and teaching classes at community gardens. Then, while working on a Poli Sci degree, I started up a Metro State student group (Auraria Compost Group), which played a foundational role in instituting a large compost collection program at Auraria Campus in Denver. I also had stints working in both local and international contexts, wrestling with issues involving composting and food justice.

This set of experiences made clear to me that composting can be a real resource for our communities. We can redirect our waste stream to actually heal our environment and empower ourselves at the same time. Composting can range from the micro-scale, on up to the city or even statewide scale but community-scaled compost processing is the best way if our goal is ecological sustainability, environmental accountability, and maximizing the good we can do for our neighborhoods.

Thus, a small, neighborhood-based, worker-owned company is born…. Or at least in process. My approach is to start small, grow “organically” (ahh, puns), reach beyond comfort zones and work hands-on with others who are as interested in engaging with — and perhaps even co-owning — this community-driven enterprise.

Jimmy Bacon,Route Driver & Farm Partner

I have a lot of history with odd jobs but suffice to say I got through my young adulthood largely by living in & out of punk houses & libraries while studying the political sciences – spending over 10 years focusing on the racism, colonialism, and inequalities of our world before graduating with a degree.

And with the same threads of naïvete and conviction that I have today, I started my social activism & food justice efforts back in 2007 helping the homeless, building gardens, and exploring how I can contribute to the work of building a better world. I organized early on with Food Not Bombs, D.U.G., Woodbine Ecology Center, and Mo ‘Betta Greens Marketplace.

I spent a year directing a large Community Garden Program in Lincoln Nebraska where I got more exposure to regenerative farming & market gardening practices that inspired me to go deeper into farming. I have also worked during the past two years on campaigns for DA accountability with the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition.

I still read as many Self-Help books as I can – as well as always reading more on Racial Justice, Farming, and Botanical Medicine. I play the keys, bass, guitars, drums and I write & play songs when I can.  I enjoy making plant medicines, dancing, cooking, and riding bikes too.

I am currently establishing a 1/2 acre organic urban farm in Denver with DCC called Sweet Dirt.

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